Filling the space between You and Your Apps

The App that Wasn’t

The New Year brings new hope.      An the Old Year bring “I told you so’s.” In a previous post I talked about the App in the Browser, but you can go here and read what other are saying about the HTML5 App trend.   They don’t talk about the Cordova library as a […]

Wireframes for Mister Market

I did my first set of sketches; but the images that I captured where so bad that I gave up on them and started developing wireframes! I am thinking that I’d like a slide out control, not exactly sure what I will put on it yet.  However, I’m sure I don’t want a menu.    The […]

Wireframes, StoryBoards and Sketches (oh my!)

The differences between Wireframes and Storyboards is quite vague these days as each term has borrowed so many ideas from the other. It all ends up being a cycle of interations bringing greater and greater clarity into how the product can be used by the stakeholders. I prefer the term Storyboard as it points back to the […]

Story Cards for Mister Market

Story Cards are one of the primary artifacts of Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP) projects. Story Cards are written by stakeholders to describe high-level definition of a requirement. The stories can be both big and small.  It is up to the developers to ask for clarity if it is too big, and combine it with related […]

Android Investor Meets Mister Market

Here is a little background on an App that we did for the first Android Competition. Enter stock symbols into text box and press VIEW to see analysis Press THIS WEEK to see latest active stocks Press FACEBOOK to launch AndroidInvestor FaceBook App in browser Press INFO to see this information The Android Investor was based […]

Mister Market : Introduction to a mobile app for business value investing

In this post I introduce the Mister Market App.     Mister Market comes from The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. Graham’s favorite story is that of Mister Market, a partner in your business who turns up every day at the your door offering to buy or sell his shares of the company at a different price. Often, the price […]

WHAT IF… All Mobile Devices now support fully downloadable, cross-platform, apps; with automated low level device detection for GPS, Music, and Voice?

What if there was a package that lets you automatically detect and utilized mobile device capabilities without the need for writing specialized mobile apps for each platform. Mobile Apps Stores would basically not be needed any more to create cross platform mobile apps. All control is done from the web application server using HTML5, CSS, […]

AT&T Watson speech recognition Engine

AT&T Labs has been holding events and announcing that they will be opening up their Watson speech recognition technology to developers.   Though Watson has been open to licensing for years now (Vlingo inked their licensing deal with AT&T in 2009, for instance), the release of the APIs means that even more developers will have […]

Rosie Roboto, Part 2

In this second video we show the Rosie Roboto App controlling the live mobile robot.  The Robot is running the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.  Rosie connects to the MRDS  using the the MongoDB in the prior article.

Rosie Roboto, Part 1

Here is the first VoiceGap based version of Rosie Roboto.   See the video of the VoiceGap App running on the Android:

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