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Meet Nina from Nuance

Since we last talked about Google’s Now, it is only fair to discuss a Nuance offering.   Recently Nuance announced a new Virtual Assistant.

Nuance Communications has introduced Nina™, the virtual assistant for mobile  apps. With Nina, developers can quickly add speech-based virtual assistant capabilities to their existing iOS and Android mobile apps.  They are targeting the self-service industry; but I don’t see any reason the ideas need to be limited (except maybe cost). Nina™ combines Nuance speech recognition, Text-to-Speech (TTS), voice biometrics, and Natural Language Understanding technology using a cloud hosted model.  They state that it understands what is said, and can identify who is saying it.  You can find out more about Nina here; http://www.nuance.com/meet-nina

The more interesting piece is that they have a Software Development Kit!  It supports Apple iOS, Android; and I believe a web component as well. Here is a brief overview:

  •   Nina Core APIs – Binary APIs that provide access to the core cloud services, such as speech recognition, text to speech and natural language processing.
  •   Nina Virtual Assistant APIs – APIs and demonstration source code that provide mobile app developers with access to customize the persona.  It also provides control of all modes of input, including speech recognition, text to speech and touch dialogs.
  •   Nina Reference Designs – Actual source code of Nina Virtual Assistant apps and functions.  It includes a  Banking Assistant; with  predesigned templates, and tasks, for finding store locations, accessing account information and ‘over 200 other banking related queries.’

Developers should be able to leverage the source code for other industries like travel, insurance, retail, and government.   Try this link if you want to see some marketing hype on Nuance Nina


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