Filling the space between You and Your Apps

WHAT IF… All Mobile Devices now support fully downloadable, cross-platform, apps; with automated low level device detection for GPS, Music, and Voice?

What if there was a package that lets you automatically detect and utilized mobile device capabilities without the need for writing specialized mobile apps for each platform. Mobile Apps Stores would basically not be needed any more to create cross platform mobile apps. All control is done from the web application server using HTML5, CSS, and the mobile browser on the device itself.

That day is practically upon us. As PhoneGap/Cordova move to the Apache Foundation, the likelyhood of it getting added to the major browsers nears. JQuery and it’s mobile versions will be loadable on demand based on device detection. Plug-ins could be an issue, but the core PhoneGap features should be immediately available in the earlier versions.

  • Storage
  • Compass
  • Camera
  • Media
  • Contacts

In the mean time, we continue our development of the VoiceGap Platform.

Windows 8/Surface
IOS, iPod, iPad.
Android 2.2+

Standard Cross-platform Voice Input and Output plugins for PhoneGap.

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