Filling the space between You and Your Apps


Computer Programmers have been trying to separate the presentation of data from the data itself for many years now.    A long time ago, there was UIL.   Now we have XUI, NUI, and MUI (just to name a few, I’m sure there are 10 more out there!)

The basic question is what is needed?     We have been trying to control the windows screen via voice for many years.   We have dictation machines,   and we have GPS devices that control us!!!

VoiceXML has all kinds of tags; but how does one translate HTML forms to VoiceXML forms, for execution?

Twilio has a really small commands set, but without enough hints for the voice system to understand the difference between numbers, and words.

Is there a middle ground, What about Xforms?      What is the criteria for a good Voice Interaction?

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