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VoiceGap is built on PhoneGap and Open Source

VoiceGap is built using PhoneGap and an Open Source Model. While you don’t need to read this blog to learn that, here are some useful pointers for you.

(1) http://phonegap.com/about/  tells you about the PhoneGap Apache License and how you benefit.

(2) Wikipedia’s continuing coverage of PhoneGap

(3) PhoneGap’s Incubator page at Apache

It is easy to imagine that once the Apache Foundation accepts PhoneGap/Cordova, that PhoneGap source code will creep freely into mobile browsers.  Eventually you won’t even need to compile VoiceGap as the capabilities will be built into the broswers.   The plug-ins will be the biggest challenge, but not at all impossible.

As we continue building out the VoiceGap Platform, embedded support will be a guiding factor.

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