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Siri, and the Conversational User Interface

I’ve been trying to figure out what we are going to call this new User Interface thing. In searching through the GoogleSphere I ran into this blog: Siri, and the Conversational User Interface

We all remember back to the days of HAL, right?

Russell writes, “Could you get to an 80% solution of Siri by simply monitoring for keywords, and having simple parsing rules. Using the numerous amounts of APIs out there to add HTML5-powered widgets directly into the conversation stream, and you’ve got something pretty interesting. If you think about it, how far is Facebook away from doing this in their homepage stream already?”

I think we built Capt. Expendable along these same lines.   So, my add-on question is how would you talk to your Facebook page?    What domain knowledge is needed about friends, groups, and ‘the wall?’     Or imagine, it playing back TWEETS in realtime as you drive down the road.



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