Filling the space between You and Your Apps

Building on a World of Knowledge

Just to get a brief background in where we are now and where we are going, one should at least be familiar with Siri and some of the things it can do.  Here’s a list of apps and services that Siri work with:

  •     Phone
  •     FaceTime
  •     Music
  •     Mail
  •     Messages
  •     Calendar
  •     Reminders
  •     Notes
  •     Contacts
  •     Weather
  •     Stocks
  •     Web Search
  •     Find My Friends
  •     Alarms, World Clock and Timer
  •     Wolfram|Alpha (English only)
  •     Wikipedia search
  •     Maps
  •     Local search with Yelp!

Also,  take a look at CALO.  CALO was an artificial intelligence project that attempted to integrate numerous AI technologies into a cognitive assistant. CALO was an artificial intelligence project funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and reportedly shares some history with Siri.



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