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Your Clone Sleeps Alone (or Google wants to make a Duplex copy of you)

Google has outlined Duplex, a Google Assistant enhancement. On its Google AI blog, the company outlined how Duplex works, how it uses TensorFlow and manages its neural network. The model looks like this when Duplex deals with an incoming conversation. What’s a digital twin? In the enterprise, a digital twin is a replica of a physical […]

Let’s Chat about this User: One Bot to Another…

Microsoft and Amazon are partnering to enable their respective personal digital assistants to work together. In a deal announced on August 30, the pair committed to getting Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa assistants to communicate with each other later this year. Users will be able to say to their Echo devices, “Alexa, open Cortana,” or […]

Meet Nina from Nuance

Since we last talked about Google’s Now, it is only fair to discuss a Nuance offering.   Recently Nuance announced a new Virtual Assistant. Nuance Communications has introduced Nina™, the virtual assistant for mobile  apps. With Nina, developers can quickly add speech-based virtual assistant capabilities to their existing iOS and Android mobile apps.  They are targeting […]

Talk to the Hand!

Google’s  smart watch is rumored to be going big on Google now, which some sources believe will be at the heart of the device. If so, this means we could be talking to our Google watch!  Talking to our wrist to check emails or see what the weather forecast holds. Likely this means the information can be displayed on your phone that […]

VoiceGap Trends: Google Conversations

Trending news for the day talks about the new Chrome Release (27).    Reports state that it now allows limited conversation using the microphone button.  Google quietly introduced this new dictation feature that lets people start a spoken ‘conversation’ in the browser. There is also a link to Google I/O about Chrome Conversations.   Obviously, this is […]

VoiceGap: Style versus Substance

Here is a great example of why Mobile Device Independence will rule in the end.    You will have fewer code-bases to manage; the look and feel of your app will be the same regardless of which phone you have; and HTML5 is just going to allow you on-demand updating of your apps!! Take a look […]

The App that Wasn’t

The New Year brings new hope.      An the Old Year bring “I told you so’s.” In a previous post I talked about the App in the Browser, but you can go here and read what other are saying about the HTML5 App trend.   They don’t talk about the Cordova library as a […]

AT&T Watson speech recognition Engine

AT&T Labs has been holding events and announcing that they will be opening up their Watson speech recognition technology to developers.   Though Watson has been open to licensing for years now (Vlingo inked their licensing deal with AT&T in 2009, for instance), the release of the APIs means that even more developers will have […]