Filling the space between You and Your Apps


Introducing PointyCode.com, it’s like Scratch for the iPad

I know that it has been a long time since there were any coding examples.  The reason is that I’ve been working on a way for people to write programs on their iPads.   The reader might ask, “hasn’t that been done already?” The answer to that is yes, it has. Visual Programming has been around […]

Cappuccino, Objective-J, and the Future of Cross-Device HTML5 Apps

I am going to embark upon a multi-post series on Objective-J and it’s use in creating HTML5 in-browser Apps. Objective-J is a programming language developed as part of the Cappuccino web development framework. It borrows most of its language features from the Objective-C syntax and it shares with JavaScript the same relationship that Objective-C has […]

CSS3, HTML5, and Cascading Class Properties

One of the key premises of cascading style sheets, is that there is actually some cascading going on.  In this article I plan on demonstrating how a data object [a class with properties] can be rendered using CSS3 as the main rendering engine, separate from the data itself. An Object and it’s properties will be […]

Building a complete, end-to-end cloud-connected mobile app with no App Store requirements.

Writing multi-platform mobile applications no longer requires flipping between different IDEs, one for the server side and one for the client.   In this article I plan to use Zend Studio 10 which provides visual design for both client-side interface prototyping and RESTful back-end service creation. The studio has in built-in PhoneGap/Cordova and JQuery integration which […]

Wireframes, StoryBoards and Sketches (oh my!)

The differences between Wireframes and Storyboards is quite vague these days as each term has borrowed so many ideas from the other. It all ends up being a cycle of interations bringing greater and greater clarity into how the product can be used by the stakeholders. I prefer the term Storyboard as it points back to the […]

Remote Speech Control – Part 1

It’s seemed like an eternity since I published some code.  That’s because I was off doing Robotic Controls; and it is finally time to discuss some results. In this article I will present a Remote Speech Component for the Mircosoft Robotic Developmer Studio (M-RDS) which connects up to VoiceGap.  THe Rosie Roboto image replaces our traditional Capt. Expendable.  […]

How to Build the VoiceGap Demo – Part 4 – PlugIns

Congratulations!   You survived Part 3. In order to take our browser-based example and make it work on the device we need to change where all those Javascript support files are stored.   The way VoiceGap uses the web page is much like that of a single page website that you downloaded from the internet (which is […]

How to Build the VoiceGap Demo – Part 2

In the second part of the Capt. Expendable demo, you will see how to make it dynamic.   It will need an input field to capture the user input, a button to trigger the search, and a small amount of javascript to hold it all together.    Next, comes the a large image button of Capt. Expendable.   […]

How to Build the VoiceGap Demo – Part 1

The first Capt. Expendable demonstration is built upon two very well written How-To pages and I would hate to duplicate them here.   The first is a description of using JQuery Mobile Toolbars and the second is how to add the Voice Recognition plugin to PhoneGap.   So instead, I will walk through the code elements in […]