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Wireframes, StoryBoards and Sketches (oh my!)

The differences between Wireframes and Storyboards is quite vague these days as each term has borrowed so many ideas from the other. It all ends up being a cycle of interations bringing greater and greater clarity into how the product can be used by the stakeholders. I prefer the term Storyboard as it points back to the […]

How to setup a remote database in MongoDB

In this article we will examine how to quickly set up a remote database mechanism built upon our model of GET, PUT, and TAKE. We will use http://www.mongodb.org/ to accomplish this task.   In our previous example we were using MySql as a backing store.   Making extensive use of the INSERT – ON DUPLICATE pattern. This time […]

How to Store Objects in a Remote Database

In this post we are going to look at storing VoiceGap,PhoneGap, or WepApp application data in a remote database. We will borrow some ideas from REST and NOSQL. First we’ll start with a simple WebApp with no mobile components starting with the old Expendable Part 2 code base. Then discover how this can be added […]

How to Add a Dynamic ViewList in JQuery Mobile

In this post we will look at formatting improvements from our Ajax web search. We will use the JQueryMobile (JqM) ListView for this. There are only a few changes: the CSS, and the ‘work’ function. Update the Expendable.css to set the image size. Now we have to add the correct class names to the output […]

Adding Text To Speech (TTS) to VoiceGap|Android

Now that we can listen to  what is being said, it might be nice to use verbal prompts to queue the dialogs. But first, we really need to do some cleaning.  Let’s start with the CSS. Expendable.css Let’s Call it Expendable.css Then we can put all the control code including init() into a file called […]

How to Build the VoiceGap Demo – Part 3 – Android+Windows

You will of course need an Android device.    There is no escaping that requirement. Next you will need to install the Android SDK.   The best place to learn about this is on the Android Site.   Since most of this work will be done in html you probably don’t need to install eclipse.   So let me present […]