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Capt. Expendable

VoiceGap Trends: Google Conversations

Trending news for the day talks about the new Chrome Release (27).    Reports state that it now allows limited conversation using the microphone button.  Google quietly introduced this new dictation feature that lets people start a spoken ‘conversation’ in the browser. There is also a link to Google I/O about Chrome Conversations.   Obviously, this is […]

Siri, and the Conversational User Interface

I’ve been trying to figure out what we are going to call this new User Interface thing. In searching through the GoogleSphere I ran into this blog: Siri, and the Conversational User Interface We all remember back to the days of HAL, right? Russell writes, “Could you get to an 80% solution of Siri by simply […]

Adding Text To Speech (TTS) to VoiceGap|Android

Now that we can listen to  what is being said, it might be nice to use verbal prompts to queue the dialogs. But first, we really need to do some cleaning.  Let’s start with the CSS. Expendable.css Let’s Call it Expendable.css Then we can put all the control code including init() into a file called […]

Capt Expendable for iPhone

Ok, here is the first glimpse of Capt Expendable for the iPhone.    There is no speech recognition yet.  Which naturally leads one to contemplate the future.   There are a few choices for consider:  1, that speech will eventually be embedded in Xcode;  2, the Nuance development kit is available; 3, find an open […]

How to Build the VoiceGap Demo – Part 4 – PlugIns

Congratulations!   You survived Part 3. In order to take our browser-based example and make it work on the device we need to change where all those Javascript support files are stored.   The way VoiceGap uses the web page is much like that of a single page website that you downloaded from the internet (which is […]

How to Build the VoiceGap Demo – Part 3 – Android+Windows

You will of course need an Android device.    There is no escaping that requirement. Next you will need to install the Android SDK.   The best place to learn about this is on the Android Site.   Since most of this work will be done in html you probably don’t need to install eclipse.   So let me present […]

How to Build the VoiceGap Demo – Part 2

In the second part of the Capt. Expendable demo, you will see how to make it dynamic.   It will need an input field to capture the user input, a button to trigger the search, and a small amount of javascript to hold it all together.    Next, comes the a large image button of Capt. Expendable.   […]

How to Build the VoiceGap Demo – Part 1

The first Capt. Expendable demonstration is built upon two very well written How-To pages and I would hate to duplicate them here.   The first is a description of using JQuery Mobile Toolbars and the second is how to add the Voice Recognition plugin to PhoneGap.   So instead, I will walk through the code elements in […]


The first demonstration App is almost always thrown out, so let’s name it Capt. Expendable!    In this app, the goal is to demonstrate voice input and voice output using a collection of component technologies that anyone can download and try for themselves.   Here are a few sample screen shots as the ideas continue to be […]