Filling the space between You and Your Apps

Why VoiceGap

VoiceGap Trends: Google Conversations

Trending news for the day talks about the new Chrome Release (27).    Reports state that it now allows limited conversation using the microphone button.  Google quietly introduced this new dictation feature that lets people start a spoken ‘conversation’ in the browser. There is also a link to Google I/O about Chrome Conversations.   Obviously, this is […]

WHAT IF… All Mobile Devices now support fully downloadable, cross-platform, apps; with automated low level device detection for GPS, Music, and Voice?

What if there was a package that lets you automatically detect and utilized mobile device capabilities without the need for writing specialized mobile apps for each platform. Mobile Apps Stores would basically not be needed any more to create cross platform mobile apps. All control is done from the web application server using HTML5, CSS, […]

VoiceGap is built on PhoneGap and Open Source

VoiceGap is built using PhoneGap and an Open Source Model. While you don’t need to read this blog to learn that, here are some useful pointers for you. (1) http://phonegap.com/about/  tells you about the PhoneGap Apache License and how you benefit. (2) Wikipedia’s continuing coverage of PhoneGap (3) PhoneGap’s Incubator page at Apache It is […]

Siri, and the Conversational User Interface

I’ve been trying to figure out what we are going to call this new User Interface thing. In searching through the GoogleSphere I ran into this blog: Siri, and the Conversational User Interface We all remember back to the days of HAL, right? Russell writes, “Could you get to an 80% solution of Siri by simply […]

More Papers about Dialogues

Here are a few more papers that I’ve been trying to read, for Dialog Management in VoiceGap. 4. A Rapid Prototyping Methodology for Application Dependent Dialogue Models by Martin Rajman, Miroslav Melichar, and David Portabella http://icwww.epfl.ch/~chappeli/tidt/TP/RDP-course/RapidDialogPrototyping.pdf 5. From Vocal to Multimodal Dialogue Management by Miroslav Melichar, and Pavel Cenek http://liawww.epfl.ch/Publications/Archive/Melichar2006.pdf 6. Spoken dialogue technology: Enabling […]

Papers about Dialog Models

Here are a few papers that I’ve been trying to read, to put together a strategy for Dialog Management in VoiceGap. 1. Derivation of a Dialog Model from a Task Model by Activity Chain Extraction by Kris Luyten, Tim Clerckx, Karin Coninx, and Jean Vanderdonckt 2. Incremental Parsing Models for Dialog Task Structure by Srinivas […]


Computer Programmers have been trying to separate the presentation of data from the data itself for many years now.    A long time ago, there was UIL.   Now we have XUI, NUI, and MUI (just to name a few, I’m sure there are 10 more out there!) The basic question is what is needed?     We have […]

Building on a World of Knowledge

Just to get a brief background in where we are now and where we are going, one should at least be familiar with Siri and some of the things it can do.  Here’s a list of apps and services that Siri work with:     Phone     FaceTime     Music     Mail     Messages     Calendar […]

Why did I create VoiceGap?

I am a technologist.  I imagine our world as if Star Trek technology already exists.  One such technology is the obvious ‘gap’ between us and our apps; a ‘VoiceGap.’   I envision a platform  used to build apps that can interact with a person using voice.  The first step on this journey will be a series […]